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      Simex Planer - Milling without compromise


  Road Repairs & Maintenance: Ideal tool for minor road repairs & maintenance. Highly cos effective compared to milling machines. Very useful for small roads due to its compactness and accessibility.

  Pothole repairs: Concrete or Asphalt, ideal for repair of effective repair of potholes

  Canal lining removal: As it can be used in any direction, it is ideal for removing old canal linings

  Tunel linings removal: This is an excellent tool for removing old tunnel linings required while repairing / renovating it

  Industrial flooring repairs: Excellent tol for scraping old industrial floorings covered in grease, oil, slag




  Standard cutting widths of 200, 300, 350, 450 and 600mm. Cutting depts. of upto 200mm.

  Easy handling thanks to the swinging support and great accuracy on the working surface.

  It can work on any surface: horizontal, vertical and inclined. Ideal for asphalt and concrete.

  The Simex patent states that one ski is adjustable up and down, independent and releases to tilt for a perfect ground contour.

  Independent depth adjustment on left and right side: perfect leveling of the working area, easy to get with flanked passes with no steps in between.

  Cost-effective with cut material suitable for backfilling.

  A range of cutter picks for materials including asphalt, rocks and concrete are available.