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Dredge Pumps

  • Bell Dredging Pumps (Dieseko Group)



Bell Dredging Equipment is the solution provider that specializes in engineering and manufacturing durable dredging equipment that will last in the harsh conditions often faced on- and offshore. BELL has been a part of Dieseko group since 2016. Their field of expertise is (mainly) focussed on Bell amphibious excavators, cutter suction dredgers, heavy-duty dredge pumps, special dredge tools and process and production instrumentation. The Bell Dredging Equipment network is rapidly expanding globally with over 45 dealerships and service hubs.
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These dredge pumps can easily dredge between 200 and 2000 m3 of sand an hour. Long pumping distances and the enlarged suction tubes are standard options just like the quick release couplings and large spherical passage.


Sand and gravel mining dredging.
Small scale dredging operations, such as maintenance dredging in ports and canals.
Dredging in restricted areas.
Unloading of hopper barges
Suspended from an A-frame as a deep suction dredger, down to a depth of 50 meters
Mounted on a cutter ladder
Suitable as a mobile booster station
Special applications such as environmental dredging

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