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Hydraulic Impact Hammers

  • BSP International Foundations



Hydraulic Impact Hammer suitable for onshore application BSP

SL Series

Ram Weight: 1500-2500 kg
Impact Energy: 20-30kNm.
Blow Rate: 84 b.p.m. at max. energy.
Hyd. Pressure: 160-1800 bar
Hyd. Pressure: 160-1800 bar
Hyd. oil flow: 130-170 L/min.

Produces High Impact Energy from a Short Stroke.
Designed for Sheet Piles and Small Bearing Piles of Concrete, Steel and Timber.
Slim Design - Can Pass between Upstanding Sheet Piles.
Can Drive Piles with Ultimate Load Bearing Up to 1700 kN.

CG Series

Ram Weight: 12000-20000 kg
Impact Energy: 185-300kNm.
Blow Rate: 29-34 b.p.m. at max. energy.
Hyd. Pressure: 260-290 bar
Hyd. oil flow: 385-415 L/min.

Total control of hammer stroke and blow rate.
Allows precise matching of energy to suit the pile driving requirements.
Optional, digital readout of hammer performance in choice of units- (stroke or energy).
Simple fast dolley changing..

CX Series

Ram Weight: 4000-9000 kg
Impact Energy: 50-110kNm.
Blow Rate: 36-45 b.p.m at max. energy.
Hyd. Pressure: 200-250 bar
Hyd. oil flow: 180-215 L/min.

Hydraulic Hammer with Accelerated Downward Stroke.
Short body length for maximum pile length.
Designed for a wide variety of sheet and bearing piles.
Leader Mounted or Freely Suspended.
Single-Piece rams with simple cylinder connection.