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Hydraulic Impact Hammers

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BSP International Foundations Ltd is one of the world’s premier manufacturers of hydraulic impact hammers and compaction equipment, with products and sales agents found in the most developed countries and regions, where modern construction methods are an essential element in meeting infrastructure targets. BSP International Foundations is one of the world’s premier manufacturers of hydraulic pile drivers and Rapid Impact Compaction (RIC) equipment. High performance products from BSP provide the international construction industry with an advanced site preparation capability and a strong competitive advantage, in terms of both economics and the environment.
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BSP Hydraulic Impact Hammers for Onshore Application

SL Series

Ram Weight: 1500-2500 kg
Impact Energy: 20-30kNm.
Blow Rate: 84 b.p.m. at max. energy.
Hyd. Pressure: 160-1800 bar
Hyd. Pressure: 160-1800 bar
Hyd. oil flow: 130-170 L/min.

Produces High Impact Energy from a Short Stroke.
Designed for Sheet Piles and Small Bearing Piles of Concrete, Steel and Timber.
Slim Design - Can Pass between Upstanding Sheet Piles.
Can Drive Piles with Ultimate Load Bearing Up to 1700 kN.

CG Series

Ram Weight: 12000-20000 kg
Impact Energy: 185-300kNm.
Blow Rate: 29-34 b.p.m. at max. energy.
Hyd. Pressure: 260-290 bar
Hyd. oil flow: 385-415 L/min.

Total control of hammer stroke and blow rate.
Allows precise matching of energy to suit the pile driving requirements.
Optional, digital readout of hammer performance in choice of units- (stroke or energy).
Simple fast dolley changing..

CX Series

Ram Weight: 4000-9000 kg
Impact Energy: 50-110kNm.
Blow Rate: 36-45 b.p.m at max. energy.
Hyd. Pressure: 200-250 bar
Hyd. oil flow: 180-215 L/min.

Hydraulic Hammer with Accelerated Downward Stroke.
Short body length for maximum pile length.
Designed for a wide variety of sheet and bearing piles.
Leader Mounted or Freely Suspended.
Single-Piece rams with simple cylinder connection.